AWE effort: All Women Earlier
murky udders works for all women to have an opportunity for earlier breast cancer detection.


  • Over 10% of women receiving mammography have breast so dense their mammogram may fail to see any abnormality most of the time;
  • 25% of the women receiving breast density notification (around 40% of women in some states) are receiving incomplete and misleading information;
  • Some mammographic advertising is misleading;
  • No public health or medical entity has taken responsibility for breast cancer risk factor education;

mUrky Udders works to obtain a

  1. Truthful, clear, complete, accurate and different mammogram screening and diagnostic effectiveness disclosure for women with extremely and heterogeneously dense breast tissue (the disclosures for the extremely dense and heterogeneously dense categories will differ);
  2. Standard of diagnostic care for women with extremely dense tissue who report a lump or other change in their breast is to offer biopsy and MRI with contrast in addition to mammogram and ultrasound;
  3. Risk factor education protocol utilized during each mammogram visit stating clearly with words and basic diagrams relative (increased) risk profile applying lifetime risk multiplier data which includes a check list of risk factors and known breast cancer screening and diagnostic testing dates for patient to carry home to use with the patient’s primary care and specialist physicians. The protocol will be used with all patients with the more urgency focused on women with extremely dense breasts versus heterogeneously dense versus fatty or scattered density breasts.
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